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Monthly Archives: July 2012

What is a Well Behaved Dog?

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Border CollieSomeone just wrote me about a misbehavin’ dog. I answered by writing an article on “What is a Well Behaved Dog.” I must say, I do have a lot of thoughts on this matter. One of my neighbors has a cute little Sheltie – that barks the entire time he’s walked on a leash. They don’t let him out much.

And other neighbors let their dogs run loose in the RV park even though it’s against the rules.

Another has a cute little pup, that goes berserk every time it sees my dogs. She just pets it…as though that would help.

I can only walk my dogs down one street. If I go the other way, we encounter the neighbor’s dog who is running loose. I don’t really want to see the dog killed on the busy road in front of my eyes.

I do have a thing or two to say. Not that my dogs are perfect. Moss is still a pup. He has really gotten better about seeing new people. He used to lunge at them. Now he just smiles, wags his tail and keeps walking with me. He’s still bad around other dogs. He is desperate to make friends and play. He’s not a year old yet. He’ll learn when he can play and when he has to obey me.

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Doc’s skin infection is not looking good. I’m bathing him almost 3 times a week with a medicated shampoo. I also found a salve that is helping. But it seems to be spreading faster than I can keep up with. He needs a vet visit I think or some better remedies. I’m out of money and can’t do anything except what I’ve been doing.

Tossing Toys

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It has been over a week since we’ve been to visit the sheep. It really has just been too hot. Either that, or we have a major thunderstorm.

Moss is fine for a few days, but then starts to get restless again. I’ve found a couple of places beside the road where it’s wide enough that we’re back a bit. I leave a line on Moss, but he’s been wonderful about lying down every time a car comes by. I toss one toy for Moss in one direction, and then toss another for Doc in the other direction. They figured out pretty quick to only go after their own toys. Doc’s is white (or at least, was white) because he misses the throw most of the time. This way he can find it.
 It doesn’t take long before the tongues are hanging and they decide not to bring the toys back to me. We’re done. On the walk back, I let Moss have a dip in the lake if he wants. Doc usually passes up on the offer.

They’re sleeping soundly now. Good Border collies….Image


Mini Vacation

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It has been raining almost every day lately. We haven’t been able to get out to visit the sheep for over a week. Moss has been getting restless. I’ve tried to wear him out with a game of fetch  between thunderstorms  but he needs more than that.

Today we got to get back in the sheep pen. He was really wild, barking at the sheep and diving in. He settled down pretty fast though. L helped me hold the sheep in the center of the pen and he was actually slowing down and wearing a bit. His little bad trick, though, is if he can dash away before anyone can catch the long line, then he dives in.

Overall, we were both pleased with how he was coming along. He went right into his crate when we got home and he’s fast asleep. Even the thunder isn’t waking him up.


The Question of Designer Dogs

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I’ve overheard owners of designer dogs braging about how much they spent on their pet. But are they really getting a new breed of dog? Or are they getting a mixed breed….read more

My New Zazzle Store

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I’ve opened a new Zazzle store with a lot of photos and artwork. Come on by and take a look.

Original painting calendar by LN Pettey
Original painting calendar by LN Pettey by Ragtimelil
Design custom calendars at Zazzle.

Moss Gets a Swimming Lesson

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Little Moss

I’ve been tossing some toys for the dogs to chase down by the lake. Naturally, in this heat and humidity, the dogs get hot pretty quickly. Moss has discovered that a dunk in a wading pool or the lake feels pretty good.

This morning I took them to the spot where they can get to the water and unclipped them so they could go down the bank. Doc, of course, wouldn’t think of getting his pinkies wet, but Moss crashed right in. This time he went beyond where he could touch the bottom and sank like a stone. I thought I was going to have to go in after him. He was totally under water. He managed to get back on shore and certainly was wet enough to cool off. It will be interesting to see how he reacts tomorrow.