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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Doc’s Skin

Doc has had allergies to fleas as well as some unknown substances. Sometimes he will dig at himself until he has a bloody patch on his back. He has even learned to hide from me when he gets the urge. He knows I’ll stop him. I’ve tried just about everything on the market and some home remedies. Some help but nothing makes a huge difference.IMG_1938

I thought this summer we were going to get through the season with no major skin eruptions. We had pretty much eradicated fleas here and his coat looked good even though he still had the itchies. I still bathed him once or twice a week and checked for fleas. Nothing.

Then we went house sitting and the farms we were on had fleas. Doc broke out in a major skin eruption all along his back. I bathed him and applied some oil that seemed to help. Then he hid in his crate and chewed it raw. I washed his back and applied oil again but the patch stayed bright red and very itchy to the touch.

Last night I spotted a tube of cream (Udderly Smooth) that I used on my skin when I felt itchy and dry. It was originally developed for cows but has been become popular as a hand and body moisturizer. In desperation I put some on Doc’s back. An amazing thing happened. As I applied it, the redness on his skin went away. It was instant. I couldn’t believe my eyes. An the itchiness seemed to be gone. When I touched the raw spots, Doc didn’t react.  This morning he still doesn’t react when I touch those areas and the redness is still gone.

The difference between this cream and most others is that it is water based rather than alcohol based and there is no greasy oil in it either. I don’t know exactly what the ingredients actually do, but if this works, I’m stocking up on it.

Update 2/12/14: Doc’s coat is looking much better and he’s not nearly so itchy. I put him back on a grain free diet. I still don’t know if that is what is making the difference or that it is winter and less allergens around. I’m going to keep him on it until next summer and see what happens.