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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Our Morning Ritual

We do a little flying disc playing every morning. It’s not easy holding a camera and throwing a disc at the same time.

The Carolina Dog

I just did some research on a fascinating breed of dog – the Carolina dog or the American dingo.They really are interesting since they weren’t even discovered until 1970.

The whole article is here –Image

Flying Discs Morning

I tried to get some movies but wasn’t setting the camera right. And I was behind the ball getting shots of Moss’s leaps. I still forget that you have to be ahead with a digital.

Frsbee poise






Electric Bicycles and Dog Discs

Moss has learned to carry his frisbee all the way home. He doesn’t want to let me have it even then. I did teach him the command “out” by blowing in his ear. He drops it pretty quick then. Two times and he had it down.

I don’t know if this would work for Moss, but it sounds like fun.

Electric Bicycles