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Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Good Day

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I’ve come to realize that Moss has a hound brain. The more you try to bully him the more he fights it. I learned long ago that you can’t train greyhounds the same way you can train a golden retriever The eyes will glaze over and they stiffen the body and shut everything out. Positive training is the only way to go.

Moss will fight back. I was working on our exercise to have him flank a short distance and then lie down without creeping in. It has been months and it’s not showing much improvement. In fact, he recently decided to fly past me and get to the sheep. No way could I catch him even with him dragging a line. So brilliant me decided to hold onto the line. After a couple of rude awakenings at the end of the line, he gave it up and settled down.

Our big battle has been over the “lie down,” He either ignores it or runs in about 10 feet before obeying. Today I backed off of that command. Instead, I worked on having him keep off the sheep. He tends to come closer every time he turns. At least he will “get out” when I tell him to. We even walked the sheep along the fence line for a while. He was slowing down and even lying down on his own. Working on doing things he’s willing to do gives me a chance to praise him. He was a much happier dog today. I could see a real change in his attitude.  I’m hoping that will make a difference and he’ll be willing to lie down when I tell him to at some point.