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Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Eyes Have It

Now that we’re almost settled in, I’ve been working on a couple of new tricks with Moss.

I saw some interesting videos on teaching dogs to mimic. I thought this would be fun since Moss has some tricks that would be easy to copy and teach him to do by watching me.

I also had already started teaching him to cover his eyes with his paw. The recommended method is to stick some tape on the dog’s nose and click and treat as they rub it off with a paw. Moss just sat there with the stupid tape on his nose. Weird dog. After a few tries, I started rubbing my face with my hand to see if I could get him to move. His eyes got huge and he sat perfectly still and stared at me unblinking for several minutes, like he had never seen anything so strange in his life! It’s hard to train a dog when you’re laughing.

Today he just about had it down. He not only wiped the tape off (and then retrieved it and handed it to me) but did a few without the tape. Sometimes he amazes me.