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Lana and the Gang

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  1. Hi Lana, I got your name through a dedicated new employee, Don Gillette. I have a type one diabetic son at college, and Don and I started to talk about DAD dogs. They are very expensive. How hard is it to train for that? Any suggestions on where to start? Jen

    • I read every book I could get my hands on, and watched every video online and still don’t have complete success. I have to remember though, I’ve only been training him since March of this year. It can take 12-18 months to completely train a DAD. What I do have at this time, I’ve discovered, is a Medical Response Dog, as opposed to a Medical Alert Dog. He may not volunteer to alert me to a low, but he gladly will bring me my phone or my testing kit or my pocketbook (where my phone may be) in case I’m too far gone to be able to walk.
      I’m still working with him, but find it hard without an experienced trainer to guide us. I also have pretty tight control of my BG so I don’t often find myself in a situation where we can train, even with samples.
      I recommend “Dog, A Diabetic’s Best Friend Training Guide” by Veronica Zimmerman and try to locate a trainer for DADs you can work with. And remember, Slow is Fast. Don’t rush it.
      Glad to answer any questions I can.


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