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Monthly Archives: February 2014

What a Boy!


Now this is what I’m talking about. Moss has been catching on to this idea of working together. I don’t expect perfection, but I’ve been waiting a long time to see some signs that he is learning.

He surprised me today. He has been reluctant to go too far on an outrun. He gets uncomfortable and runs back to me. Today, I used him to move the sheep to another pen and he ran way out to get the sheep. I was amazed!

We are actually working on four different things.

  • longer outruns
  • staying back off the sheep
  • walking up at a walk
  • downs when and where I say

I put him on a long line a couple of times the past couple of weeks and explained to him the concept of WALKING up to sheep. He thought “walk up” meant dive in. Today, we were putting the sheep away and he got between me and the sheep. He looked back at me and I could see him thinking, “if she’s behind me, I should be walking.” And that’s just what he did. I couldn’t believe it. I just held my breath and let him walk up until we got to the gate.. What a GUY!

Moss is Improving

MVI_2105I was so pleased with Moss this morning.

I had been getting so discouraged with him. He still won’t do a lie down when on sheep. We’ve done weeks/months of drills. I’ve run at him waving my arms, I’ve yelled, I’ve thrown things,  I’ve spoken quietly, I even put him back on a long line. Wouldn’t you know, on a line, he’s perfect. We just couldn’t seem to get past this roadblock.

Lately I’ve been trying to keep my voice calm. Today I decided it just wasn’t enough so I made a boogie bag. It’s just a grain bag tied onto a stick that can be slapped for a little extra oomph. (I tried using a lunge whip but that just excited him so that he ran faster and closer to the sheep.) The boogie bag seemed to be just enough to get his attention.

Today he started to stay off the sheep better and lying down better. He still does every thing at full speed but I saw some signs of slowing down (and not because he was tired. That just doesn’t happen.) At one point, I realized that the sheep were not running – they were walking!