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It has been over a week since we’ve been to visit the sheep. It really has just been too hot. Either that, or we have a major thunderstorm.

Moss is fine for a few days, but then starts to get restless again. I’ve found a couple of places beside the road where it’s wide enough that we’re back a bit. I leave a line on Moss, but he’s been wonderful about lying down every time a car comes by. I toss one toy for Moss in one direction, and then toss another for Doc in the other direction. They figured out pretty quick to only go after their own toys. Doc’s is white (or at least, was white) because he misses the throw most of the time. This way he can find it.
 It doesn’t take long before the tongues are hanging and they decide not to bring the toys back to me. We’re done. On the walk back, I let Moss have a dip in the lake if he wants. Doc usually passes up on the offer.

They’re sleeping soundly now. Good Border collies….Image


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