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Well, I did it. I drug the bike out of storage and cleaned it up and took Moss for a test spin. He did great, except for when he’d cross in front of me. Scared the life out of me. But no crashes. We only went to the corner and back but it’s going to take some time for me to get in shape enough to really give him a good run. I just ordered a walky thingy too to keep him on one side. I really wanted him out front so we could bikejor but he needs to get comfortable with running with the bike first. (And not crashing into me!) I did train a couple of my dogs, ages ago, to dog sled by using a Springer bike attachment. But boy, has the price gone up on those babies!
(One of my girls would suddenly lie down while running. Of course the other dogs would just drag her. With the bike and Springer, I could slow down or stop and get her up and moving again. Once she caught on, she was one of my best sled dogs.)
I have visions that we’ll soon be scooterjoring. I think having my feet under me would make me more confident. I feel pretty precarious on the bike. (Did I mention that I really need to get in shape?)