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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Monster Disc Dog

I had to buy more frisbees because they get so slimy I don’t even want to touch them – long before Moss gets tired. Now his new thing is, when he DOES finally get winded, he won’t give it up. I don’t mean he just won’t drop it. I can’t even wrest it out of his mouth. I just snap on his leash and we start for home with the frisbee still in his mouth. He hasn’t made it all the way home yet without dropping it but I’ve no doubt that he will at some point.

Some Recent Photos

Not much is new here. Moss is learning really high leaps for the frisbee. Doc’s coat is looking better but he worked up another hot spot a few days ago. Same ole routine.

Doc was just checking up on me to see what I was doing.


Halloween shots  –