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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Catching Up

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We had a great time last weekend ranch “sitting.” Moss has a girl friend.

Not a two-headed dog - Just Moss and Brees

Not a two-headed dog – Just Moss and Brees

Brees and Doc

Brees thought Doc rolling on the floor was really funny.

It was a cool morning so Moss was flying high after his frisbees. I ordered three more when we got home. The two plastic ones he has are already ratty.

Doc is better now except for the huge hot spot he chewed this morning. We’re trying a new food to see if that will help.

Doc’s Illness

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I woke up one morning and found that Doc was so weak he could hardly get out the door. His back was hunched like maybe he hurt his back. Tulsa had done that once. He just lay down once he got outside. That was unusual. He generally does what he needs to do and then wants to come back inside.

He seemed to recover rather quickly. He still wanted to go for the short walk and a bit of frisbee and seemed much better. Then I noticed a rash on his stomach. It wasn’t just his stomach, but his whole groin and the inside of his thighs as well. It was an ugly deep red.

It was rather alarming. He has had skin problems in the past, but nothing quite like this. I put some tea tree oil on it and later gave him a antihistamine. Nothing seemed to really have much effect.

A few days later, the rash started to go away and, at the same time, I started to see grass dying where we usually walked. OF COURSE! The town had been spraying herbicide around drainage ditches and roadsides.Image

They mowed a little too but this was all tall green grass last week and where Doc liked to sniff around for the perfect place to pee. Moss stayed on the pavement, more concerned about where we were going.

The lake is about 6 feet from the road. I wonder how it affects the fish and the small birds that liked to nest in the brambles.

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Yesterday Moss was holding one back leg in the air. He wouldn’t put it down and the foot felt hot. This morning he is back on all fours and acting like nothing ever happened. He’s already being pesky. He has, so far, poked me under the elbow, climbed into my lap, poked me in the face, stuck his head on the keyboard, found inappropriate things to play with (although he will bring them to me and give them to me.)
Still we might fore go any high leaps this morning.