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More Flying Disc Dogs






And Doc gets one too..



Goodbye, Sarah

Ragtime Sarah 8/28/1998 – 11/21/2011

Sarah had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. Her dad had the same thing so I knew what was coming. She actually did better for a while. Started eating and walking with us, although her head was twisted to one side. She got steadily worse. Finally it was time to let her go.

Sarah was an accidental puppy and a singleton. I confess, as a puppy, I let her cuddle in bed with me on occasion and she would snuggle up to me with her head on my neck – a border collie muff! She wanted to please, but never could get the hang of an outrun.
She was reluctant to run on the sled team. She would go a few steps and pull back. I bought a “springer” device to attach to a bicycle and worked with her alone. She became a very enthusiastic little sled dog!

She may have had some annoying habits, but she was totally my girl and I do miss her.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

I needed to do something for October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog month so I wrote an article about shelters and shelter dogs. You can read it HERE.

One of my dogs is an adopted dog. It was a private adoption but some of the dogs on this farm were in bad need of a home where they would be trained and socialized.

My Flying Disc Dogs

It’s official. I’ve been exercising the dogs with their floppy discs so that now Moss NEVER tires out. He may be tripping over his tongue, but his eyes are bright and eager and he keeps flipping the disc at me. Doc isn’t complaining either, although I don’t throw it far for him. He’s just as proud of himself if he catches it right in front of me. He takes a victory lap if he feels like it. Meanwhile, Moss is off doing his “flying through the air” routine.

Sweet Moss

My desk chair is right in front of the dog’s crate. They are seldom locked in, but it’s there if they care to use it. They both like to nap in it, but I only have room for one crate so there’s some sharing involved.My leg is often in the way. Doc will use his nose to shove me out of his way. Moss started out by using his paw to try to move my foot. Over time, it has become a gentle tap to ask me to move. He thinks my foot is a button to get me to move my leg over out of his way. What a silly dog. But it works. Who is the trainer here?

Flying Disc Dogs

Our new flying disc arrived. The dogs are getting so good at this that I decided to write an article on Wizzley on Teaching Your Dog to Catch a Flying Disc. Even Doc is catching some in the air, though I don’t throw far or high for him. He’s still having trouble with that leg but it doesn’t stop him from playing.

Lumpy Frisbees

This is a picture of Doc’s repaired frisbee. I didn’t think it would last more than a day or two, but it’s holding up rather well. I stitched the heck out of it, but the fabric could have been thicker. Still, it gave him something to chase until the new frisbee was delivered. I squandered $3 in the grocery store today and bought a little frisbee there too. Now we have enough that I can pull out a clean one when one gets too slimy with dog drool.