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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Get That


I’m still working on Moss’s service dog training. We made a breakthrough not too long ago and he’s now handing me things instead of flinging them at me or banging me in the shins like he does with his frisbee.

I did discover that when asked to take a soft object he has a tendency to play with it. I read that this is common. I had to back up and teach him to hold it and hand it to me and not fool around. I think I’ll get him a vest so that he’ll start to understand that when the vest is on, he’s working and not playing.

Barking Alert

Moss n Phone

Moss had learned to bark at me if the phone rings. Once we were out walking in the woods and he ran at me and barked once. It only took a second for me to realize that he was telling me my phone was ringing. The phone was in my pocket but I couldn’t hear it.

After reading up on hearing dogs, I read that barking is not the best way for the dog to alert. They should give the owner a nudge or do something to show what is making the noise. So I should work on teaching Moss to nudge me.

The other day, Moss was out on his line basking in the warm weather. (We don’t have a yard and he doesn’t mind being on the line.) I usually leave the door open so I can keep an eye on things. Suddenly he barked. He almost never barks so I stopped to check. He was telling me the phone on my desk was ringing. Now he couldn’t get to me to nudge me but he heard the phone from outside and let me know it was ringing. Maybe I’ll just let him alert with a bark. It works for us.
Now if I can just get Doc NOT to bark when I make a call….