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Moss was fantastic today. I’ve considered trying him in some ASCA, AKC or AHBA trials. They’re smaller courses and the handler can stay closer to dog and/or sheep. It would give us something to gauge our progress by.
Today I laid out a  ASCA course and I do believe he would have qualified once or twice. Not exactly sure how they score though. I’ll try to get some pics and videos this weekend.
Moss is really coming along. He used to think walk up meant run and lie down meant walk. I changed my “walk up” to “steady” and it was a miracle! He wasn’t sure what it meant so he tended to walk slowly instead of running. And I practiced walking backwards…..
We worked some on “get out.” Did much better with that. (Been reading my books again….lol)
But it was indeed hot. Did a couple of really short sessions and tried to take the sheep out in the side yard but he lost ’em again. Called him off. Too hot for a chase.

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