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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Poor Moss

I’m afraid I yelled at my poor Moss this morning. He has started getting antsy to go for our frisbee session earlier and earlier. I was waiting for the water to heat up for a bath and he was pacing. I was sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee in one hand. He walked over and flipped my hand hard sending coffee everywhere. Luckily, it missed the computer. But I did yell.

Finally the wind has stopped. We can get some real practice on flips this morning. (Frisbee flips, not coffee)

Get It

I’m so proud of young Moss. I never spent any time teaching him to retrieve, other than play time. I used the words “get it” and “bring it here” when we play. (He has even learned the words “look back”  and “find it.”)

The other day, he found a beaded earring on the floor. Naturally I didn’t want him to chew or swallow it. I asked him to get it and bring it here. HE DID! First time ever. Naturally he got fussed over and made to feel like a very special dog, which he is!MossCircleSm

A Day for Naps

Snoozy morning for everyone. It was raining too much for frisbee and the walk was pretty short too. Poor Doc is limping on his front foot now. It looks red but I can’t really see anything. He might have scraped it on these wicked rocks here. I did that to my foot last summer too. He has been wearing a bootie on that foot, but he’s not particularly excited about that.

Bird Watcher

I noticed, for the second day in a row, a mockingbird perched on the same tree branch watching the dogs as they leap for the frisbees. I think he’s wondering if Moss is trying to fly…