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What is a Well Behaved Dog?

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Border CollieSomeone just wrote me about a misbehavin’ dog. I answered by writing an article on “What is a Well Behaved Dog.” I must say, I do have a lot of thoughts on this matter. One of my neighbors has a cute little Sheltie – that barks the entire time he’s walked on a leash. They don’t let him out much.

And other neighbors let their dogs run loose in the RV park even though it’s against the rules.

Another has a cute little pup, that goes berserk every time it sees my dogs. She just pets it…as though that would help.

I can only walk my dogs down one street. If I go the other way, we encounter the neighbor’s dog who is running loose. I don’t really want to see the dog killed on the busy road in front of my eyes.

I do have a thing or two to say. Not that my dogs are perfect. Moss is still a pup. He has really gotten better about seeing new people. He used to lunge at them. Now he just smiles, wags his tail and keeps walking with me. He’s still bad around other dogs. He is desperate to make friends and play. He’s not a year old yet. He’ll learn when he can play and when he has to obey me.

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