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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Tricks and Old Dogs

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This trick is going great. I’m up to three pillows and Moss is learning to jump and land sideways so I can catch him. He’ll be jumping in my arms before long.

Doc hasn’t eaten in two days. I’m starting to worry.

A New Trick for Moss

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I’ve been trying to teach Moss to jump into my arms. It hasn’t been easy for him to understand. I have tried to get him to jump into my lap while I’m sitting in a chair. The method is for me to sit higher and higher (with pillows) until I’m standing and catch him in my arms.

He didn’t get this at first.  He stretched himself up and pawed at my face.

I backed up a bit and had him jump into the chair without me. That worked better. He caught on very quickly to jumping in the sling chair inside and then the folding chair outside.

The next step was to put myself in the chair and have him hop up. He got the idea in the chair indoors but his foot slipped and he knocked the water dish over. He was worried about that since I usually get upset when that happens.

The chair outdoors is smaller so he tends to jump over me. He hasn’t quite caught on to balancing in my lap. We’re still working on this one.