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Monthly Archives: July 2016

And More Progress

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Moss had four days in a row of working sheep. I tried taping a bit of his progress this morning. I know it’s not a great video, but what thrills me is watching the sheep and Moss actually walking.  We still have things that need work, like staying down for more than a second, but I’m just so happy that we can get around the area in a calm manner. He still is spinning around a bit, but nothing like he used to.

Thursday night he brought the sheep in to their night-time pen. He had to do it in three groups since he wasn’t out far enough. Friday night I got myself in a better position and still I had to stop him three or four times before he saw the sheep way at the back. He made a nice outrun and stopped when I told him to. I kept him far enough back that the sheep merged into one long column and quietly walked (that’s WALKED) into their pen. I wish I had taken a camera with me!!