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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Floppy Flyer Dogs


This is Doc’s Frisbee after one week. Truthfully, it’s not as well made as the one Moss is using, but he does enjoy shaking and killing it. I’ve already ordered a new one that should be here any day now.

Moss is learning to catch flyers. He caught just about every one that I managed to throw halfway decently this morning. He’s developing good eye-mouth coordination. I’ll have to find someone to take some pictures. I don’t think I can handle the dogs and the camera at the same time.

I acquired two soft Frisbees from a friend having a yard sale. The dogs just love them. Moss hasn’t learned to catch a flyer yet, although every now and again he does. Doc loves his too. He’s also my backup retriever if Moss misses his and can’t find it.

I throw for them until Mosses tongue is dragging the ground. He’s just getting stronger though.

Good Boy Moss

We met the Yorkie couple on our walk again this morning. I saw them coming and moved over and put Moss on a down-stay. He was so good. He had no choice. I was standing on his leash and holding on with both hands.

I was inspired to write an article about Nine Ways to Exercise a Dog on Wizzley. I want to try some of these.

Under Control

Under Control

Moss models some restraints

Bad Boy Moss

Moss is in the doghouse. He jerked the leash out of my hand and ran after a couple walking a Yorkie. The Yorkie acted like a terrier, barking and lunging at the end of the leash. Moss just wanted to play, but the couple acted like he was going to attack. I’m trying to grab his leash and they’re turning in circles in front of me. I finally had to push them out of the way. I apologized, but they weren’t happy. I’m not happy with Moss either! There’s a time and place to play with other dogs!

Scary Morning

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I’ve been working Moss the past couple of days at L’s ranch. We had quite a scare yesterday. L was riding a client’s horse (she’s a trainer and instructor.) I went in the little pen with Moss and the sheep. I happened to look up and see the young woman who had come for a lesson in the middle of the ring. She looked like she was trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear her. When she came close enough I heard, “L’s hurt bad.” I saw the horse wandering around the ring and just managed to make out L on the ground. She was not moving. I rushed across the paddock and yelled at L’s husband who was in his workshop. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. I put Moss on his line and ran over to the ring. L gradually started moving but she was pretty out of it. The horse had fallen and rolled over on her. There was a lot of blood around her head. Before the ambulance arrived, she was sitting up, but the EMTs strapped her down and carried her off to the hospital.Turns out, the blood was from a minor cut on her head. After a CAT scan she was told she had a concussion but was allowed to come home. Today she was very bruised and sore, but otherwise ok.

Today I moved some panels to the back pen to make a larger pen for Moss. If he is in the paddock, he tends to run the sheep from one end to the other and it’s a big paddock. I can’t keep up. But the little corner pen was just too small. He couldn’t get back far enough and he couldn’t do much wearing. The new pen is much better, not that he was behaving much better.