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Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Tricks and Old Dogs

We did take the videos but my friend is out of town and I still haven’t seen them. I think I should have put on long pants. I may request a retake.

Moss has taught himself a new trick. He was trying to weave when I was trying to get him to scoot and ended up weaving around my legs while I was standing still. The original trick was to weave while I was walking. So now there are two versions of the weave. Whataguy!

Finally Doc decided he likes for me to give him Reiki although he still fidgets when I’m around his head. But he falls asleep when I work on his body.
I was hoping to help his itchy skin and arthritis in his back leg. I wasn’t seeing too much improvement when it hit me! I hadn’t heard him cough in over 3 days!!!!! He had a random cough, more of a “hawk” really. He’d sometimes even vomit after drinking water even though he didn’t drink too much or too fast. None of that lately either.

Frisbee Tricks

Moss is doing great on his disc tricks. He’s decided he likes the “scoot” trick where the dog turns his back to the handler and moves backwards between his legs. He likes the vault but for the moment it’s just jumping up on me. His flips are great and he finally has figured out the weave between the legs. When he gets really good at these, I’ll have a friend take a video of him running through his routine.

I’ve been wondering about telepathy in animals lately. I wrote an article about my thoughts, Talking with the Animals.