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Monthly Archives: September 2014

More Sheep

MVI_2156We’re back to working lighter sheep now. Moss had to really push the lambs we were using in Gouldbusk. Here the sheep move off easily and pushing will just get them running.

I was really pleased with the way he was working yesterday. He gets a bit more excited with these sheep but he was lying down and backing off when I told him too. Progress is slow with this boy. He’s just way to reactive, but he’s slowly learning to control himself.

Home Again

Doc suited upWe’re back from farm sitting and getting back into our routine. We do frisbee in the mornings and swimming in the afternoon (unless we get an invite to work sheep)

I am thrilled with Doc’s life vest. I think he actually likes it too, despite the look on his face right now. He’s not hesitating at all anymore to head into deep water after his tennis ball. Now that he’s had a layoff, I have to be careful that he doesn’t overdo it. He grunts a lot when he’s swimming or climbing up the steep boat ramp. He doesn’t seem to be tired so much as straining. I’ve got to try to judge how much stress he is under so he builds up strength in his back legs without making him sore.

Soft Bed

Soft Bed

Doc tries his best to sleep in a Yorkie-sized bed while we house sit.

Way Out West

Way Out West

We’ve been absent from the blog due to our long trip to Gouldbusk, Texas. We are staying on friends’ farm while they are away at a sheepdog trial. There are about 10 dogs here, not counting the livestock guard dogs. We are also feeding donkeys, horses, chickens, guineas, geese, goats, lambs, cats and one cockatoo named Lilly. Did I miss anyone?

Moss is getting lots of sheep time and I’m amazed at how he is improving. I discovered that the only reprimand he will listen to when he’s on sheep is flinging something at him. I cut up an old garden hose so I’d have something easily carried and won’t hurt him if it accidentally hits him. He just does not like things coming at him through the air. As a result, he sometimes startles me when he does drop to the ground when I say lie down.

Now if I can only keep him out of the mud puddle on the way back to the house….

When he’s not working (which is most of the time) he loves hanging out in the fenced back yard – something he doesn’t get to do at home.