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Collars, and Halters and Slip Leads, Oh My

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WalkiesMoss has been pulling on the leash more these days. I like for them to walk in front of me since we have to walk on the street. If they walk beside me, I’d be in the middle of the road. I also want a nice, relaxing walk, not a training session.

Moss was pulling on his buckle collar and then the choke collar so I bought at pinch collar. Over time, he started going right to the point of pulling with that collar.

I have a head halter somewhere but can’t find it. I refuse to buy another one, and besides, you usually have to spend some time training the dog to accept it.

I made a version of the Sporn halter. It worked somewhat but he still goes just a tiny bit beyond the comfort zone. So I ordered a front attachment halter. I just came yesterday and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. He might as well have a buckle collar on.

He seems to do a bit better with a really well-fitted choke collar that stays up behind his ears. But once he lowers his head and hunches his shoulders, even that one slides down. And I worry that if he gets hot, his neck would expand to the point where I couldn’t get it off. It’s a bit of a pain getting it off now since I have to slide his ears and skin under the chain.

I was browsing the pet section on Amazon when I saw a mention of a British slip lead. I’ve used slip leads to hold onto dogs but if they loosen up the dog can slip out of it. I would never use one for training or walking. But I wasn’t sure what a British slip lead was so I went to my research facility – the internet –

When I saw what it was, I couldn’t believe it. I HAVE one of these things. Someone gave it to me and I thought it was just a regular slip lead. I didn’t notice the little leather piece that locks the collar part of the device so that it can’t slip off or slide down.

It’s a thick length of rope that has a ring at one end and a loop handle on the other. When you slip the handle through the ring, it makes a loop. The slider piece has to be outside the ring so that it can be adjusted.

We are going to try it out tonight when we go for our evening walk. I’ll report back.