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I’m looking at a week of cloudy, thunderstormy days as an opportunity. Since Moss is so storm phobic, I know we’ll have to scratch at trials if the weather turns bad. I’ve come up with two solutions. One is to get him titles through cyber rally o (but that’s another post to come) and the other is to work with him during these bad days and see how much we can improve.

Yesterday we did go dock diving in the morning, but the afternoon turned cloudy. He seemed fine but when we went out for our evening walk, he started shivering. Sure enough, it had rained. Just a sprinkle, really. We walked for a while and then tried some easy obedience work. He was taking treats slowly, but he was taking them. He even played for a minute. We stopped while we were both feeling better. I have learned, if nothing else, to take any improvement as a good sign and not push to get to where I think we should be.

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