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Dog Daze

I haven’t had the incentive to do much of anything today, so I’ve spent most of the day working with Moss. We have made some headway though.

First, the barometric pressure really dropped today. This really sets Moss off. He retreats to the bathroom and won’t take treats or play even if it doesn’t rain. I gave him a melatonin and he came back for some scent work and object discrimination.

He has finally learned to alert with a sit when we do nosework. I really couldn’t tell much from his reaction when he found the scent so sitting makes it plain that he has located the hide. That’s working much better, especially since I can easily forget where I hid it.

And we started working on naming objects that he knows to retrieve for me. He loves to retrieve so this is a fun game. He particularly loves to retrieve the phone since it was the first thing he learned. I’ve added my testing kit to the mix but want him to know which thing to get. I put them on the floor in front of me, but he’d happily retrieve the phone every time. I figured out to put my foot on the wrong item. He actually corrected himself once so I know it’s penetrating his brain.. We’ll keep working.Moss wpohone

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