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I’m new to this scent training stuff. I’ve done a little scent discrimination and tracking but not much. Teaching Moss to alert to low blood sugar is a challenge for me but we’re muddling through it.

I was getting frustrated because he doesn’t seem to understand to sniff. He has learned to give a nose poke as an alert. When we train in the morning, he does quite well but he seldom seems to actually sniff.

I tried to back up and start using a scent wheel. That was a disaster. He would sniff once at a bottle I was holding and the next time he tried to take it from me or paw at it.

I backed off on that and left it for the time being. This morning we did our usual “poke practice” but I tried to move around and sit and stand in different places. I also moved the scent sample from my right side to the left. Almost all of his nose pokes were on the left side, even if my right leg was closer to him. I suspect he knows more than I think he does.



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