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The Training Continues

The clicker training with frisbees wasn’t working. Too much drive. So we went back to a long line. Now I’m getting about 50% downs. I need to get a longer line so he has more time to think about it (and me too!)

We have been doing some body awareness training to break up the day. He has learned to pivot  with his front feet on a step stool. Amazingly, it wasn’t easy for him to learn. You’d think with his natural agility that he’d be better at it. Once he learned one direction we started going the other way. He had to learn that all over again. It’s strange but gives us both something to think about.

We also are continuing with his service dog training. I’ve been working on teaching him to pick something up and hand it to me. It’s the first time I’ve taught a retrieve completely with a clicker. It seemed to be going really slowly and there were some stages where I’d think, “now what?” But then I watched a video of someone clicker training a PIG to retrieve. The light dawned. Moss has got it!!!


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