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My Old Doc

My Old Doc

I’m so pleased that I finally found something that is helping Doc’s skin. I’m just thrilled that his hair is actually growing back in.

A woman I met asked me what I was using. I told her I was using three treatments on a daily basis,  a borax solution, dilute iodine and a miconazole nitrate spray for itchy spots but wasn’t sure which was really making the difference.  She replied that iodine is what they used on the kangaroos.- ?? She had formerly run an educational park with exotic animals and apparently, kangaroos are also prone to yeast infections. Guess I’m on the right track.

Not only is he looking better, but he has days, like today, when he is positively frisky. He is bringing the frisbee back without stopping to roll and rub his back. Yesterday he was chewing on a rawhide. Something I don’t ever remember him doing. And he’s braving the water and actually swimming a little bit, although yesterday I thought I’d have to go in after him. He went completely under water. Doesn’t seem to upset him though. Still, can’t wait until I can get his new life jacket.

He still has days when he seems very sore, but he gets better after moving around.



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