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Service Dog in Training

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Service Dog in Training

Nothing too exciting happening today….so far. The good news is that I found that our new dollar store sells hot dogs pretty cheap. So we are continuing with Moss’s service dog training. I am working on teaching him to be a hearing assistance dog.

Both dogs already bark when the phone rings, but I thought it would be cool to teach Moss to retrieve the phone, or anything, actually. 

The tube is what he’s learning to retrieve and we’re following a new method – for both of us.

The method is to work backwards from dropping something in my hand. He already loves to retrieve frisbees and balls, but he throws them at me. This training is to teach him to drop something in my hand politely.

So far he’s moving toward the tube and grabbing it in his mouth. Today I managed to get my hands under his chin so that the tube landed in my hands. He was profusely rewarded for this. I could see wheels turning in his head.

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