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The Phone Dogs

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The Phone Dogs

My phone was missing. The last time I saw it was that morning in the grocery store. Now it was late afternoon and I had farm chores to do. I was farm sitting and feeding animals came first. I did need to be available for contact with the farm owners though. I searched the house and the bunkhouse where I was staying. No sign of it.

I posted my dilemma on Facebook. My cousin kindly offered to call me so I could try to locate the phone by its ringing. The only problem was, I am hard of hearing and very often cannot hear the phone. Luckily, I had been training my dogs to alert me when the phone rings.

Sure enough, the dogs started barking when she called. Unfortunately, with all the barking, I still couldn’t find the phone. At least I knew I hadn’t lost it in the grocery store. It was in the same room somewhere.

I had just started teaching Moss to retrieve the phone but he hadn’t reached the point yet where he could do that. I did ask him to “find it” and he bounced around in one end of the room. That narrowed it down enough so that I did finally find the phone. It was buried under a pile of fluffy comforters. I never would have heard it, but my talented dogs took me to it. Bless ’em.


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