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Moss Gets a Swimming Lesson

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Moss Gets a Swimming Lesson

I’ve been feeling so guilty because the dogs have been spending so much time sleeping in the camper. It really has been too hot and muggy to do much. And yesterday I went to a jam session. I brought the dogs but they just slept in their crates in the van. Then to visit some friends. Again they slept in the van.

Today was a different story. We went to visit a friend’s farm and Moss worked sheep. It was hot so we had to do several short sessions.

Then a group of us went into the woods to clear some brush and trees that had fallen across the trails. The dogs ran around until tired and then rested in the shade. We were all tired after that.

After supper, I thought we’d do our usual short walk. We got down the block and a neighbor and her son were swimming in the lake. Next thing you know she was in the lake giving Moss a swimming lesson. He loves the water but was afraid to go in too deep. She floated him out and let him swim back to me. She threw sticks for her dogs and Moss to retrieve. Moss did cheat a bit. He figured out that if he stood straight up, he could touch bottom with his back feet and walk. Silly boy. But he was swimming part of the time. He seemed to get over his fear of the deep water.

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