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Doc Looking

Doc’s skin seems to be improving with yet another remedy. It’s not so scaly and bumpy and the best part is that he seems to feel better. He’s not totally itch-free, but he’s way more relaxed.  I’m giving him a soak once a day for a week and using coconut oil with tea tree oil for any spots that he might be chewing on.  It has been weeks since a major chewing episode. He hasn’t chewed on his back but the hair has thinned mostly because of the yeast infection. He looks like a guy with male pattern baldness. But as long as he’s feeling better, I’ll be happy.

Now they spend their free hours in a silent fight over the crate. One will go in for a nap and the other one will periodically go and stand by the (open) door and stare at the one inside. Another alternative is to lie as close as possible to the crate which also happens to be in the space where I roll around in my desk chair – or at least, used to.


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