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Moss and His Head Halter

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ImageI’ve had this head halter, (the Kumalong version) for about 20 years. I’ve never really used it on any of my dogs. It seemed like too much of a bother to get the dog accustomed to wearing it. I never really had a pulling problem with any of my dogs that I couldn’t control by other means, that is, until Moss came along.



I tried everything with Moss. He started out on a choke collar when pulling began to be a problem. He just ignored it and I didn’t want to really jerk hard and cause throat damage.

We tried clicker trained. He’d jump for the treat (usually grabbing my fingers too) and lunge forward again. It just wasn’t working.

So we went to a pinch collar. Now I’ve never had a dog that would lean into a pinch collar, not my own or any that were in my obedience classes. Moss did. I was getting frustrated.

I tried a no-pull harness. It did nothing for the pulling and chaffed skin under his front legs.

Then I came across my old head halter that I had bought as a demonstration item for my obedience classes. It fit Moss perfectly. He really didn’t object to it and accepted it within a couple of days (with the help of a clicker and some treats). It works like a dream. If he feels the slightest pressure, he backs right up without my saying anything. It’s a joy to walk the dogs now.

The only down side is that other people don’t know what it is. I was asked by a neighbor if Moss was wearing a muzzle because he was getting nippy. Um, no, it’s not a muzzle and he’s not getting nippy. He just pulls on the leash or, at least, he used to.

I don’t really care for the way the head halters look, but I can learn to live with it. The relaxed walks we are taking now makes it all worthwhile.

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