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Wild Man No Longer

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It occurred to me last evening that Moss can no longer be called “The Wild Man.” He has settled down and is working nice and slow. The only time he really opens up is on a long outrun in the big field. He is walking the sheep in nice and quietly. In the little pen he’s going around the sheep instead of crashing in and chasing and lying down when told to and letting the sheep exit the pen. I never thought I’d see the day.

Of course he’s still slicing in and pushing too fast and sometimes cutting some sheep out. He still won’t go too far away from me on a big outrun. I have to walk at least half-way to the flock. There’s more work to do but I’m ecstatic with his progress this spring.Yesterday he even focused on taking two at a time out of the pen and walking to the gate to let them out. Then, (gasp) even one sheep.

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