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Friday, May 23
Moss has been doing so good with a large flock of sheep, I thought I’d see how he did with only one. It was a disaster. He totally blew it. He acted as though he wasn’t interested in one lone sheep. We quicly gave up on that idea.
But today I thought we’d try just two or three. He was great with three. He seemed to be back to his old self. Two was a little harder. This morning, when all the sheep were in the back pen, I’d have him sort out just two and we’d drive them to the main gate and out to pasture. Naturally, the first two at the end of the line were crazy lambs. Moss couldn’t drive them to the gate so I had Doc come in and help. Moss got better after a few tries and I think I got better at handling him. I was pleased to see that he wasn’t flipping back and forth so much with only two sheep.

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