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Moss is doing great at bringing the sheep in from the big pasture. He still is afraid to run the whole length of the field, and, if he is too far away, he gets into circling mode. So I have to walk all the way out to the sheep to keep things under control. Yesterday he held his lie down while I walked the rest of the way. He was so far away, he didn’t hear me send him the first time. But he got a great long outrun. With me right there to keep him from pushing too fast, he really does a nice job walking the sheep around into their pen.

He has also finally gotten the hang of going into the small pen and bringing the sheep out instead of diving in and causing chaos. I’m trying to get him to take over Doc’s jobs for the day when Doc can’t or won’t do them anymore. I still let Doc help but I’m more careful now to not overdo it.


I think I have made a fantastic accidental discovery. Last summer Doc’s back got so bad that the infection spread into his ear. I’m convinced it’s a yeast infection.  I found a homemade remedy that worked great. It was recommended by breeders of cocker spaniels, dogs plagued with ear infections. The solution cleared up Doc’s ear infection in a couple of days and didn’t come back.

This spring Doc has already chewed a bloody patch on his back. I did the usual tea tree oil application. It does help it heal and smells so bad he won’t touch it. But I could feel bumps and see red skin all the way up his back to the back of his head. I’d have to get tea tree oil by the gallon to cover those bumps.

It occurred to me that I could use the blue solution that I had put in his ear. Yesterday I soaked his whole back. Today his skin looks almost normal. I applied the solution again this morning. So far, today, I have yet to see him do his “running upside down” routine. (That’s rolling over on his back and pedaling his legs in the air to scratch his itchy back.) I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ve finally found something that works.

He is still rubbing his face on everything though. I’m afraid to put anything on his muzzle that he could lick. He has a couple of spots on his legs that he is chewing too. Those still get tea tree oil.


(I spoke too soon. He just rolled over and started with the running upside down. Well, at least his skin looks better. Maybe once it really heals…….)

The Blue Powder solution is detailed here

The alcohol is somehow neutralized by the boric acid so it does not sting. I proved this to myself by putting some on a fresh cut on my hand. I did try the dilute apple cider vinegar on Doc’s ear before using the blue solution. He really reacted to it. Apparently it does sting – even a very weak solution.

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