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Moss, the Working Man

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Moss Waits

Moss is actually approaching the point of becoming a useful dog.

We are house-sitting where there are two groups of sheep that need to be separated for feeding but go out and graze together during the day. Doc handles the sorting stage and Moss does everything else. This morning, I fed the horses and then let the sheep out to graze. As I’m looking out the window I see the flock headed toward the small barn where they make pests of themselves trying to get into the horses grain buckets and hay racks. I was pretty sure that the horses hadn’t had time to finish their breakfast. I took Moss out to drive them away and he did a great job. It’s out of his normal training routine so he was watching me for direction. It wasn’t perfectly controlled but he did a pretty nice short drive. The sheep decided to head out to the front pasture.

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