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Rained Out

ImageWe woke up yesterday to pouring rain, thunder and lightning right overhead. I had to wait a bit until the lightning moved on to even risk going out to feed the horses. I managed to get my feet into my wellies and sloshed out in ankle deep water and mud and got everyone fed.

Moss was very upset that we weren’t going to work sheep. Might not get to today either if it rains again. It is looking very dark out there.

We will have to do some indoor hearing dog training. Yesterday Doc actually let me know that my phone was ringing in the other room. I couldn’t hear it at all. This is a great place to work on that. I can use the land line to call my cell phone (I don’t answer it.) and give the dogs fresh, home made liver treats for alerting. If that’s all they learn to do, it’ll be worth it. That and waking me up when I set the alarm. Moss is good at that one.

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