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The Old Man Still Has It

ImageDoc on a dry day


I was worried that Doc would have trouble moving sheep in the big field with his gimpy leg, but he has seemed to thrive on the work.  He is slow, and doesn’t always see the whole flock if they’re spread out, but he knows what “look back” means and we use it a lot.

I was so proud of him tonight. It has been raining all afternoon so that everything is soggy and muddy. the older sheep, who had been up by their night pen all day, decided at this point to go about as far back in the big field as they could get. Doc has been helping me bring them in, but they hadn’t been so far out before. I was hoping he could get them since if he didn’t, it meant I’d have to slog out there and I really didn’t want to.

I did walk with Doc across the small field to the gate and sent him out. He spotted them right away and took off at his slow lope. He made it all the way out and circled around nicely and back they came. In a matter of seconds they were in their night pen and Doc and I headed back inside to get dry. Nothing like a good dog, even an old one.


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