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Down on the Farm

Big LambsWe made it to the farm-sitting job. It was a long haul, but now that we’re here, things are great.  Both boys are getting to work sheep. Doc helps me move the big sheep in at night and out during the day. Then the big lambs go into the bigger pen during the day, and in a smaller pen at night. When I take Moss out for training, the big lambs have to go in with the three calves and the working goats brought out. Then reverse the process when we’re done.

I’m amazed that Doc not only doesn’t seem to have a problem working with his wobbly back leg, he seems to thrive on it. He’s not fast – he just lopes along but the sheep know where they’re supposed to go so all he has to do is start them moving.

The first day Moss got to work, he was wild as usual. He started to calm down over the next couple of days. He still would prefer just to run circles as fast as possible around us. Since the goats don’t run, I can actually get to the other side and stop him. Today he had two mediocre lessons and one GREAT one. Making progress.

I’m really excited to see what two weeks on dog-broke goats will do for him.


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