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Rainy Day Games


It started raining very early this morning. We didn’t get to go play frisbee. The weather affects the dogs as well as me. I overslept and the dogs didn’t seem to mind.

I decided to try to find the dog park in Conroe. It was not right close to us but I thought just getting out and taking a ride would be better than sitting home. As it turned out, I didn’t find the park. We did take a nice, long ride though.

Now I’ve set out the dog’s treat toys. Moss has been getting into this game just as I’m ready for bed. I’ve had to start picking them up at night, and giving them back during the day. Right now, Doc is really into it, but Moss is hiding in his crate. It’s raining with sporadic bouts of thunder.

The toy is a hard, plastic peanut butter jar with a few holes drilled in it just big enough to let a kibble or two fall out. I fill it with kibble and the dogs get to bash them around and eat whatever they can get out of it. The trick is to get the holes at the end of the jar offset enough to let food fall out. Doc has been working hard for about half an hour now.


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