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The dogs are well and we were invited to go to a farm that was hosting Herbert Holmes for private lessons. My friend was taking two dogs and invited me to tag along. At the last minute, I got a spot for Moss.

It was a gorgeous farm and beautiful house. There was a cool breeze all day and the sky was overcast so it didn’t get hot until midday.  Holmes was on a nice looking dun horse with dapples. The horse was very quiet and walked quietly with the sheep and didn’t mind dogs around his legs.

My friend was very excited about her lessons and said she had a lot to work on. When our turn came, I did our usual sloppy and fast little outrun and Herbert immediately showed me a way to correct Moss’s diving in. Within minutes Moss was better but tired. There was a lot of pressure on him to move out. I was instructed to keep sessions very short, before Moss would actually turn off. He said Moss would start to anticipate being pushed out and that was the goal.

I can’t wait to see if this is going to work on my friend’s wild sheep. We are going to be house sitting at a farm with goats and quiet sheep available to work for two weeks. That should give us lots of time to get Moss settled down.

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