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Moss, the Goat Dog

We went to meet a couple who train border collies as sort of an interview for a farm-sitting job. They allowed Moss a turn on their preferred stock for starting young dogs – goats.

They had three brown goats in a medium sized pen and used them for lessons and young dog training. Goats, unlike sheep, tend to stay right by the handler. Goats  don’t run much anyway and really “dog-broke” goats will cling to the human. I had to be careful backing up since there was usually a goat or two right behind me.

Moss did his usual attempt at an outrun, but soon slowed down. He even was walking for most of the time and, most amazingly, he lay down every single time I told him to. He got a another turn later and he was just as good as the first time. I was very proud of the boy.

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