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Hearing Dog Training

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I have always thought I’d like to try training a service dog. I’ve had over 40 years of training dogs behind me so I didn’t think it would be all that difficult to learn. I’ve been particularly interested in hearing assistance dogs since hearing loss runs in my family. I already am having trouble hearing the phone when it rings. Luckily, Doc has a thing about the phone and sometimes he does alert me just by accident.

I had started teaching the dogs tricks just to give them an activity in the afternoon. Teaching useful tricks isn’t going to be much of a change. I found some YouTube videos that give the steps for teaching a dog to alert to particular sounds. And they can still do their tricks too.

I’m going to be training both of them since it really isn’t a strenuous task. At this point I’m just teaching them to target with their noses instead of feet. The feet can be painful when they rake their nails on bare skin. They’ll still be using feet to indicate the object when we get to that point. I’ll be updating as we go along.

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