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We were invited over to work sheep this morning. Of course the sky opened up and it rained like crazy as soon as we got there. We waited a while and it finally wound down and left everything cool and wet. So off we went to the sheep pen. I took Doc in with us this time to see if he would keep the sheep off the fence. He did a great job of that, but he is a pretty sensitive guy. Every time I had to get sharp with Moss, Doc would lie down or leave. I tried to encourage him and let him know that I wasn’t mad at him. I think he was starting to understand that by the time we were done.

Moss was pretty wild when we started. He was slicing in with his mouth open. Never a good sign. I had to really get on his case about that. By the time we did a second session, he was doing a bit better. Just before calling it a day, the sheep bolted for the corner and gate where they like to huddle. It was too far away for Moss. He just stopped, as he has been doing. I didn’t want him to get them out of the corner because he gets too carried away and usually takes a cheap shot at a sheep leg. I turned to call Doc over to help and when I turned back, Moss was walking into the corner and bringing the sheep to me, with me doing nothing!!!! I just stood with my mouth open! You can be sure he got a lot of praise for that!


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