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Vacation Nearing the End

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Moss Waits

Moss is having a wonderful time. He’s anxious to work sheep in the morning, but he’s learning to control himself. He actually waits for me or lies down on his own. This is so wonderful. This morning he was reluctant to go near the sheep pen as we walked out to the barn. I realized that BOTH guard dogs were lying by the gate. They’re friendly to him most of the time, but he’s not stupid. He wasn’t about to rush out there.

It really was apparent to me this morning that his success with the sheep depends somewhat on how flighty the group we sort are. This morning’s group liked to run and didn’t want to be near me either. Still, we had a good practice on staying back off the sheep. I got to correct him for one crashing and diving episode and he was much better after that.


Doc Herding

Doc has been a great help with sorting the sheep. Sometimes his outrun is at a trot, but he keeps things under control. I couldn’t do it without him.

I’ve started him on some new pills – quercetin and bromelain. He is also getting Omega 3 caps. He seems a bit less itchy but it has only been a day. I really, really hope this helps his allergies. When he’s miserable, I’m miserable.

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