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Things have calmed down a bit. The sheep have started behaving and coming in for their evening snack now that we’re working them in the morning.

I’ve reached a stumbling block that I need to unravel. Moss is really doing well on his little outruns as long as I’m right with the sheep. The sheep tend to get right on the fence so he has no way to get around without coming in too close. (If I’m not right there, Moss will dive in and take a cheap shot at a leg) Then the sheep are past me too fast so Moss is circling instead of lifting. I’m going to see if they’ll move out a little for a handful of grain. I have considered taking Doc in with us but I’m afraid that might get out of control. Doc likes to keep things moving.

Once we get the sheep moved, Moss really is doing well. I almost never thought I’d see Moss behind the sheep, walking, and, even more amazing, the sheep walking. I wish I could handle a camera and the dog at the same time.

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