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The Dogs of Awe

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Doc watchingI am just in awe of my two dogs. Doc is getting on in years and is a bit arthritic.When you put a hand on his back, you can feel bones, even though he’s not thin at all.

Sheep in a big field can easily outrun him. But put him in a small pen and he’s all business. He has no fear of diving into the corners and biting sheep butts. He WILL move them out of there. If they run for it, he just lopes after them and brings them back. He doesn’t seem the worse for wear and it’s work he’s proud to do.

Moss, on the other hand, was wild when he first turned on to sheep. This morning, he WALKED up on his sheep – several times. He is thinking and watching. He’s still a little uncertain about what he’s supposed to do, but he is trying his best. And when I said, “that’ll do” he turned and came right with me to the gate.

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