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I’m determined to make Doc feel better. He’s just so itchy he is miserable. I’ve been bathing him with a good medicated shampoo and that took care of the secondary yeast infection that was starting up. But it did nothing for the itch. Moss scratches too but so far no skin issues. Doc Looking

He might have flea allergies, but we haven’t had a flea around in a year. They didn’t scratch during the winter, so I suspect it’s not food allergy. I tried some good dog food and grain free food but couldn’t tell any difference.

So that leaves environmental allergies. I’ve started them on Omega 3 caps but haven’t had enough time to see if that helps. I just read that quercetin (which is in apples) and bromelain (in pineapple and papayas. I used to give that to my angora rabbits) can help too. That’s on my list for the next trip to a real grocery store..

I also read that foot baths with providone iodine can help since dogs are running barefoot through the stuff that is causing the allergic reaction. So day one for foot baths. Doc was not amused.

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