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Moss Walks Up

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ImageMoss was good this morning as he has been. After a few minutes I unsnapped the line to see if he would continue to obey. He did. We had a good group of sheep that didn’t run too fast or jam into corners. He brought them to the center of the pen and they actually stopped for a minute. I told Moss to walk up and he actually did for a few steps. When I tried it again in a minute, I could see that this time he was ready to spring so I told him to lie down. He did. We haven’t been able to do a nice walk up again but it will come.

The sheep have figured out that if I try to bring them out of the small back pen that I’m going to work them with a dog. They decided they are just not going to come out and run to the back and jam themselves into a corner pen. I was afraid Doc would get trampled but he got right in there and brought them out. At one point they all stood at the gate and wouldn’t come through. Doc had no problem biting them on the rear to get them to move. Not too bad for a gimpy ole timer…

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