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Doc 4-28-13

Doc is having a grand time helping me sort sheep for Moss to work. He won’t lie down now. It takes too much time for him to get down and even more to get up again. I can sympathize! But he will stop and stand. That works fine. He only occasionally pushes the sheep into me and almost knocks me down…

Moss is still doing great. He’s still a little close but we’re working on that. He can’t really get around the sheep since they like to huddle in a corner and that’s when he dives in. I think it’s just too much pressure for him. Once he gets them out in the open, he does fine.

What he is doing is wearing! That’s going behind the sheep and bringing them to me instead of just running in circles. He’s watching and changing direction when I move to block him.  I’m just so pleased with him with his training.

One thing I’ve seen in the house that I don’t like is Moss giving Doc the hard stare. No problems yet but I don’t like it. He stops and acts embarrassed if I scold him.

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